Urban Amphibian Retreat July 13-16, 2023

URBAN AMPHIBIAN RETREAT.  July 13 - 16, 2023

The Program - 3 Kambo + Bufo


Having worked with Kambo (frog) and Bufo (toad) for the past 4 years, we have witnessed how incredibly well the Amphibians work together. 

With the collective trauma of the past 3 years, we have also felt that many people are suffering deeply; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  

As well, many people are ready to clear the past and up-level their life to their Highest Timeline. The combination of Kambo And Bufo will align you with you Highest Path. 

The Program starts with 3 Kambo sessions and ends with a Bufo session.  It is truly life changing.  Each ceremony builds on the last, and you form an incredibly powerful relationship with the amphibians.

The first kambo session is a basic treatment (unless you have received kambo before) and then we can work with chakra, meridian and ear points to target specific issues.  The Kambo prepares the body physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually for the Bufo.  

The use of Kambo differs amongst tribes, but Indigenous uses revolve around “lifting Panema” - a name for dark or negative energy or bad luck, and for “Hunting Magic” (they believe it increases their speed and energy during hunting and that it makes the hunter invisible to their prey by temporarily eliminating their human odour). Tribes also use it medicinally, including treatments for malaria, snake bites, fevers, infections, fertility problems, and to cleanse, detox and strengthen the mind and body, increase energy, sexual attraction and stamina, and to reduce pain. The peptide dermorphine in Kambo is considerably stronger than morphine (30 - 40x) in its pain-killing properties. In spiritual terms, Indigenous people feel Kambo works in a mystical fashion as a light that opens the way, helping us to overcome obstacles and release blockages on an emotional level, clearing our energy fields and realigning chakras offering us the ability to break negative habits and think more naturally.

The toad is a master of transformation and divine order. It gives unfiltered messages from your heart. It is also a very strong cleanser, and transmuter of big energies. It transmits information that needs to come to the earth plane and assists in the ascension process.

Bufo is a high purity therapeutic-spiritual experience of healing, which makes you recover the memory of who you are. The toad delivers unfiltered messages from your heart to your highest self. 

The experience lasts anywhere from 10-30 minutes,  followed by a state of peace and serenity. Finally, the ego returns gradually to its usual sense.

The toad spends nine months in the core of the earth, throughout the Sonora desert, gathering information and comes up for three months to give medicine and mate. The toad’s excretion is collected from their glands without harming them by a conscious re-collector. 

Your Hosts: Rebecca and Ashley have over 11 Years Combined Sacred Medicine Serving, 30 Years Combined Professional Care Taking Careers - Teacher @kambo_ash and Nurse @rebeccasdream @shamansisters 

Experience Life Changing Ceremonies Held Safely and Responsibly in Love, Care, Integrity, Compassion, Community, Joy and Kindness. 

Looking Forward To Supporting Your Highest Timelines and Evolution. 

Green Hugs and Golden Blessings. 


Thursday July 13th 

10 am KAMBO 


Rest and Integrate

6pm Dinner 

7:30 Sound Bath - Hapay and Sanaga 

Integration Circle

Friday July 14th

10 am KAMBO

Light Lunch

Rest and Integrate

6 pm Dinner 

7:30 Water Despacho 

Integration Circle

Saturday July 15th

10 am KAMBO


Rest and Integrate

6 pm Dinner 

7:30 Fire Despacho 

Integration Circle

Sunday July 16

10 am Breakfast

11:11 BUFO

Cacao and Integration Circle 

The cost of the retreat is $1350 which includes all medicines, food, activities and stay. Deposit $350 e-transfer and the remaining amount can be paid in cash or e-transfer. 

Email: ceremony@shamansisters.com or kambo.ash@gmail.com

Please filled out the health form here.

The retreat is located on a beautiful waterfront property on Lake Ontario. 

Sleeping options are in the ceremonial space or outside. If you plan to sleep outside, please bring a tent and sleeping gear.