New Brunswick August 2023

New Brunswick 2023

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

We trust that 2023 has been a fulfilling year so far. Lots of movement, changes and upgrades to the highest timelines only! 

Exciting information, we are coming back to New Brunswick mid August and wanted to share our offerings.

The team has grown immensely since last summer. Linh has just returned from training in Mexico with our teacher for Bufo. She had an incredible experience and is eager to share. She brought back new, fresh medicine from a conscious recollector, allowing us to continue our offerings of the highest sourced medicine in New Brunswick.

I would like to introduce Rebecca Keating. Rebecca is an Advanced Kambo Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Quantum Healer, Sound Healer, and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, she has been working with San Pedro for 7 years. Rebecca was an R.N. for 13 years and now devotes her time to working with sacred medicines. 

Rebecca and I formed an alliance in 2020 and in November 2021 we met for the first time in the physical and came up with our Kambo Teacher Training Program. We officially opened our Frog School in May 2023! Two students completed their training and we are holding our second training November 1-11, 2023. 

We are bringing a new medicine to the coast! San Pedro! Rebecca will lead the ceremony and Linh and I will assist. 

More information on San Pedro:

The date for San Pedro is Saturday Aug 19th in Blackville at Avadata Yoga Retreat.

There needs to be minimum 4 weeks between San Pedro and Bufo. (If you choose to sit with San Pedro - you will not be able to sit with Bufo during this visit) 

We are attaching information about all medicines in this email and will ask that you sign up and register directly through our website. 

Pricing has changed because of the availability of the highest sourced medicine, the growth of the training of the team and travel costs. We appreciate your support and understanding of the integrity, transparency and congruence of Kambo Healing. 


Moncton: Aug 16-18 THE PROGRAM, Kambo, Bufo sessions

Blackville: Aug 19th San Pedro (ONLY DATE)

Blackville: Aug 22 - Sept 2 THE PROGRAM, Kambo, Bufo sessions

All information is on


Energetic Exchange for San Pedro


To book your spot for San Pedro please send a $200 non-refundable e-transfer to 

This will go towards your session. Remaining balance will be paid at ceremony. 

We have decided to do a love offer to New Brunswick.
Being that San Pedro is heart medicine, we would like to offer to bring a loved one: lover, bestie, friend for $700 for two people.
See you in ceremony lovers!
Energetic Exchange for THE PROGRAM (3 Kambos, 1 Bufo)

Energetic Exchange Kambo

If you cannot commit to the full Program, it is possible to join single sessions of either medicine. Exchange will vary. 

Kambo Group Sessions: (3 or more people)

One Session $250

Two Sessions $425

Three sessions $550

Energetic Exchange for Private Kambo Sessions

$375 per person

Energetic Exchange Bufo

Sliding Love Scale 🐸💚🌈

Choose what best aligns with your budget. 

$444 - $666

To book your date/time for Kambo or Bufo, please send a $200 non-refundable e-transfer to 

This will go towards your session. Remaining balance will be paid at ceremony. 

Green Hugs and Gold Blessings,

Ash, Rebecca and Linh


We will be offering all medicines at Avadata Yoga Retreat in Blackville.

Feel free to share with anyone who might be interested in our offerings.

To register, fill out forms, sign up here: