Bufo Ceremony

The toad is a master of transformation and divine order. It gives unfiltered messages from your heart. It is also a very strong cleanser, and transmuter of big energies. It transmits information that needs to come to the earth plane and assists in the ascension process.

Known as the the “God Molecule,” Bufo is a high purity therapeutic-spiritual experience of healing, which makes you recover the memory of who you are. The toad delivers unfiltered messages from your heart to your highest self.
The borders of your identity disappear like a statue of salt that dissolves in the ocean of consciousness, producing a massive release of accumulated stress and repressed emotions.

The experience lasts anywhere from 10-30 minutes, followed by a state of peace and serenity. Finally, the ego returns gradually to its usual sense.

The toad spends nine months in the core of the earth, throughout the Sonora desert, gathering information and comes up for three months to give medicine and mate.

The toad’s excretion is collected from their glands without harming them, the process can be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s quick and the intention is to collect high vibrational, pure medicine.

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